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Resources & Community

I am a Natural Breastfeeding Program Professional, which allows me to offer all my doula and education clients access to the Natural Breastfeeding Program if you are interested (a $147 dollar value). When you contract with me for services I provide you with a link to establish your own account for lifetime access to the program, full of helpful information, educational videos and troubleshooting suggestions all at no cost to you. See for more information.

Interested in learning more about comforting touch for pregnancy and birth support? Check out Yiska Obadia's website at Yiska offers fantastic training for expectant parents in physical massage and comfort measures for pregnancy and birth.

Check back often for additional resources! There are so many amazing professionals offering resources for your pregnancy and birth. I will add to this list often as I learn about additional resources.

Community Offerings: Every challenge is better together! More information coming soon.

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