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Birth Education

Contact me today to register for birth education!

Group or private childbirth education offered in a variety of settings, from a local classroom to the comfort of your own home. Topics offered include pregnancy, birth preparation and early postpartum and can be tailored to your specific questions or concerns.

Private class: About 6 hours of instruction. Can be one day intensive or broken up over 3 sessions. Price is $240.

Group class: Provides the opportunity to build community with other families. Four sessions, each session about 2 hours. Price per birthing person is $80 and includes attendance of desired support person(s).

Topics covered:

Your Birth Vision: All the options! Birth settings, pregnancy, nutrition, providers, stages of birth, birth preferences, options and interventions.

Preparing for Birth: Labor activities, positions, comforts, stages and signs

Preparing for Postpartum: Postpartum care planning, feeding and sleep, basic newborn care, parent care

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